Many of the skills required to be an effective and impactful leader can be learnt, developed and continuously honed. Key to this is communication: the ability to create psychological safety, question inquisitively and with genuine curiosity, hold space for others, listen generatively, respond with clarity and purpose, and seize teachable moments — essential qualities for leaders to be successful and impactful in their role.

A tailored approach

At Pourquoi Pas, we begin by creating safe and confidential space, and meet our clients there where they are. The focus is on them and their needs.

Pourquoi Pas’ bench of coaches offers different types and styles of coaching:

Performance coaching

Individuals are invited to imagine themselves at the height of their performance and in complete flow – that state of being where everything feels effortless and exhilarating at once.

Conflict coaching

Individuals experiencing conflict at home, at school or at work are invited to increase their own level of self-awareness vis-à-vis conflict (in other words, are they an instigator, are they aggressive or passive-aggressive, or are they an avoider of conflict?) and to identify authentic ways to engage with others and achieve meaningful, lasting resolutions.

Leadership coaching

Individuals are invited to grow and develop as conscious leaders and to hone their leadership skills regardless of whether they are an individual contributor, a manager, or a senior executive (c-suite). They are invited to consider and be deliberate about the impact and reach they are having on others – and to shift there where a shift is needed.

Transition or career coaching

Individuals who are wanting to transition to something different (laterally or vertically) are invited to consider various options that are consistent with their core values – this can include mock interviews followed by constructive feedback. Transition coaching also includes supporting individuals within the first 100 or more days into a new role – and to further consider what their legacy will look like.

Organizational or business coaching

Business owners and entrepreneurs are given space to reflect and identify goals, and to subsequently design and implement concrete strategies to obtain those goals and elevate the overall performance of their people and their organization.

Student coaching

Students are often faced with difficult choices regarding their education – be it at university or in the trades, in their home country or abroad. One common question they ask themselves is “What do I want to do? What’s next?” To support and encourage these young adults to answer those tough questions and many others, safe space is created to enable them to reflect on their goals and explore the endless possibilities during this crucial time of their lives.

Team coaching

For the first time in history, the workforce is made up of 5 generations of workers each impacted by different social, economic, and political influences. Team coaching is an intimate coaching space wherein the individuals of the same team come together to accomplish a host of issues, including but not limited to,

  • Foster trust
  • Establish common ground
  • Clarify mandate, purpose, priorities, roles and responsibilities
  • Resolve conflict 
  • Improve communication and relationships 
  • Create synergy and more.

Group coaching

Group coaching is a facilitated safe space wherein individuals that share common interests come together as a peer group to grow and learn from one another.  This shared process is commonly referred to as generating or cultivating “collective wisdom” stemming from the group itself. 

Mindset coaching

An individual’s mindset is shaped by a multitude of factors from socialization to genetics. It is shaped by the individual’s upbringing, education, relationships with people and things (eg, money, house, cars), and a host of other lived experiences throughout life. Going forward, an individual’s mindset will shape the nature of their decisions, actions, reactions, and inactions. Mindset coaching invites the individual to uncover the assumptions through which they interpret life – and enable them to revise and reverse thought patterns and belief systems that may not serve them well.

Life coaching
(holistic coaching)

What happens in an employee’s personal life can have a significant impact on their professional performance. Pourquoi Pas adopts a holistic approach to coaching, and individuals are provided the safe space to explore a better path forward in health and fitness, finances, relationships, and/or spiritual growth.

Coach mentoring

Are you a coach in need of mentoring to meet your ICF or other accreditation? At Pourquoi Pas, we also offer mentoring to coaches and leaders who are looking to hone and perfect their skills in effective and impactful coaching.

Coaching circles

Men’s circle

Men’s circle

Men’s circle (aka The Huddle) The Huddle meets monthly to bring awareness and healing to the emotional and mental health needs of men ... VIEW PROGRAM

Executive women’s circle

Executive women’s circle

Executive women’s circle The EWC meets monthly to discuss and share on a host of issues ranging from raising kids and caring for ... VIEW PROGRAM

Non-binary executive circle

Non-binary executive circle

Non-binary executive circle The non-binary executive circle brings individuals together who do not conform or adhere to gender ... VIEW PROGRAM

Meet the team

Pourquoi Pas, headed by founder Mimi Moore, is an established group of international thought leaders — informed opinion leaders, consultants and the go-to people in their fields of expertise.

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Pourquoi Pas Coaching International helps individuals and organisations meet their challenges by discovering, inspiring and liberating human potential through change.Pourquoi Pas Coaching International s’engage à aider les individus et les organisations à relever leurs défis en découvrant, et libérant pleinement leur potentiel humain grâce au changement.

Pourquoi Pas works with you, using our creative discovery process and consulting framework, to help release your full leadership potential.Pourquoi Pas travaille en collaboration avec vous en utilisant une approche de découverte créative et un processus structuré de consultation, afin de vous aider à libérer pleinement votre potentiel de leadership.


‘We believe change is worth changing for.’‘Nous croyons que le changement sociétal nécessite le changement tant au niveau organisationnel qu’au niveau individuel.’
– Mimi Moore, Founder and Executive Coach– Mimi Moore, Présidente et coach exécutif


‘Overcoming a leadership challenge — or any other life hurdle for that matter — in a rapidly changing and fluid environment can be daunting at best. At Pourquoi Pas we accompany clients on their journey.’‘Relever un défi de leadership ou surmonter un obstacle dans la vie – dans un environnement fluide et en évolution rapide peut s’avérer décourageant. Chez Pourquoi Pas, nous accompagnons nos clients tout au long de leur parcours.’

– Mimi Moore, Founder and Executive Coach– Mimi Moore, Présidente et coach exécutif


Our programs

Nos programmes

Helping individuals and organisations meet their challenges by discovering, inspiring and liberating human potential through change.Nous aidons les individus et les organisations à relever leurs défis par le changement en découvrant, inspirant et libérant le potentiel humain.


‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.’‘Laissez-vous être silencieusement attiré par la force étrange de ce que vous aimez vraiment. Elle ne vous perdra pas.’

– Rumi– Rumi


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