Our approach

Pourquoi Pas supports a strong and distinctive philosophy: Why not?

At the heart of Pourquoi Pas are people.

They are at the centre of everything Pourquoi Pas does: the purpose and the reason to exist. We take individual leaders and organizations on a journey of self reflection and discovery, challenging the conscious and subconscious beliefs that hold us back.

Much like the relationship we have with ourselves, our relationship with others is equally conducive to happiness and fulfilment. Humans are inherently social creatures, wired to connect with others on all levels; biologically, physically, cognitively and spiritually. We seek connection, providing meaning and purpose in the everyday.Tout comme notre relation avec nous-mêmes, notre relation avec les autres est essentielle pour notre bonheur et notre épanouissement.En tant qu’êtres humains, nous sommes intrinsèquement sociaux et avons besoin de nous connecter avec les autres à tous les niveaux : biologique, physique, cognitif et spirituel. Nous cherchons des liens qui donnent un sens et une raison d’être à notre vie quotidienne.

A tailored approach


At Pourquoi Pas, we begin and meet our clients there where they are. The focus is on them and their needs.

We believe in the power of open-ended questions. Open-ended questions are exploratory and generative. They are extremely useful because they enable the individual to gain clarity, greater self and situational awareness and uncover blockers. They help shed light on triggers and more.

Pourquoi Pas’ bench of coaches offers different types and styles of coaching:

Our story

‘If the path you are on is inconsistent with who you are, change paths boldly or one small step at a time.’
– Mimi Moore, Founder & Executive Coach

Disillusioned with the workplace, Mimi Moore retired after having experienced incredible highs and lows. Her own journey led her to wanting to have a more positive and human impact in people’s lives.

Born out of that desire was the bold decision in 2017 to establish her own coaching and consulting, client-focused boutique firm called exeCoaching International.

Undaunted by the pandemic and closed borders, Mimi reached out to individuals around the world – building a clientèle based across Canada and the United States, Europe, South Africa and Asia.

At every turn, Mimi asked her clients whose dreams felt unrealistic or unattainable, “why not?”

The rhetorical question, Pourquoi Pas in French, enabled clients to pause and reflect, imagine and dream, pivot and then take the bold decisions and necessary steps – big or small – to manifest life-long aspirations with meaning and purpose.

In five short years, Mimi realized the incremental but transformational impact she and her team were having on their clients all over the world by starting with that one simple question. Why not?

The ethos of the company evolved. It emerged with greater clarity and purpose.

By 2022, the time was right to change its name to Pourquoi Pas Coaching International to better reflect its raison d’être, its playful yet meaningful purpose: to inspire others to boldly and creatively design their best possible life at work, at home and at play.

Today, Pourquoi Pas has clients all over the world and continues to expand with its message of change imbued with possibility and hope.

If you are interested in joining our team, reach out info@pqpci.com

Meet the team

Pourquoi Pas, headed by founder Mimi Moore, is an established group of international thought leaders — informed opinion leaders, consultants and the go-to people in their fields of expertise.

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Pourquoi Pas Coaching International helps individuals and organisations meet their challenges by discovering, inspiring and liberating human potential through change.Pourquoi Pas Coaching International s’engage à aider les individus et les organisations à relever leurs défis en découvrant, et libérant pleinement leur potentiel humain grâce au changement.Pourquoi Pas compromete a ayudar a personas y organizaciones a superar sus retos descubriendo y liberando todo su potencial humano a través del cambio.

Pourquoi Pas works with you, using our creative discovery process and consulting framework, to help release your full leadership potential.Pourquoi Pas travaille en collaboration avec vous en utilisant une approche de découverte créative et un processus structuré de consultation, afin de vous aider à libérer pleinement votre potentiel de leadership.Pourquoi Pas trabaja en colaboración con el cliente utilizando un enfoque de descubrimiento creativo y un proceso de consulta estructurado, para ayudarle a liberar todo su potencial de liderazgo.


‘We believe change is worth changing for.’‘Nous croyons que le changement sociétal nécessite le changement tant au niveau organisationnel qu’au niveau individuel.’‘Creemos que merece la pena vivir plenamente el cambio’
– Mimi Moore, Founder and Executive Coach– Mimi Moore, Présidente et coach exécutif – Mimi Moore, Presidenta y Coach Ejecutiva


‘Overcoming a leadership challenge — or any other life hurdle for that matter — in a rapidly changing and fluid environment can be daunting at best. At Pourquoi Pas we accompany clients on their journey.’‘Relever un défi de leadership ou surmonter un obstacle dans la vie – dans un environnement fluide et en évolution rapide peut s’avérer décourageant. Chez Pourquoi Pas, nous accompagnons nos clients tout au long de leur parcours.’‘Asumir un reto de liderazgo o superar un obstáculo en la vida – en un entorno de ritmo trepidante y fluido puede ser desalentador. En Pourquoi Pas, apoyamos a nuestros clientes en cada paso del camino.’

– Mimi Moore, Founder and Executive Coach– Mimi Moore, Présidente et coach exécutif– Mimi Moore, Presidenta y Coach Ejecutiva


Our programs

Nos programmes

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Helping individuals and organisations meet their challenges by discovering, inspiring and liberating human potential through change.Nous aidons les individus et les organisations à relever leurs défis par le changement en découvrant, inspirant et libérant le potentiel humain.Ayudamos a personas y organizaciones a superar sus retos a través del cambio, descubriendo, inspirando y liberando el potencial humano.


‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.’‘Laissez-vous être silencieusement attiré par la force étrange de ce que vous aimez vraiment. Elle ne vous perdra pas.’‘Déjate atraer silenciosamente por la extraña fuerza de lo que realmente amas. No te perderá.’

– Rumi– Rumi– Rumi


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