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Kasturi Mishra was born and raised in Kolkata, India.

She is a professional Kathak dancer who was fortunate to have been classically trained by the most renowned artists. She has toured extensively in Asia, Europe, and North America. She pursued her artform as a teacher, and a filmmaker / documentarian in Kolkata. These lived experiences led her to research classism and poverty in India and around the world; and other justice issues related to child labour and social determinants of health and wellness.

Kasturi pursued her passion one step further and in 2003 she graduated from St. Xavier College (Kolkata) with a Bachelor of Arts from the Mass Media and Communications Program.

Kasturi immigrated to Canada as an adult in 2007 and founded the Gharana Arts Educational Institute of Ottawa whose mandate and purpose are to see and empower youth and women through performance, production, and storytelling. Under her leadership, the Institute has produced festivals in multiple artistic disciplines in North America and India. She is a leading choreographer and composer having been awarded grants by arts institutes in Canada and the US including the Canada Council for the Arts, the Chitresh Das Dance Company and in India she has received her degree from Allahabad Sangeet Samiti.

Kasturi completed a coaching certification with the Flow Coaching Institute where she was able to refine some of her natural skills at supporting others on their life journey. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is currently working towards her ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation.

Known as a positive and articulate communicator, Kasturi brings calmness and reassurance to her coaching practice. She is adept at creating and holding safe space for her clients to fully explore and benefit from their coaching journey with her. Kasturi has the keen ability to listen and highlight the simple human qualities and accomplishments in others as a tremendous source of pride and self-worth; and subsequently, she creates space for her clients to have the necessary confidence to leverage these as a springboard to greater self-awareness and fulfillment both personally and professionally.

These attributes as a coach have given her the reputation of a being a trusted, empathic, and impactful person. Moreover, the training and discipline of her art form have solidified her in-depth appreciation of how art in all forms helps individuals process emotions and understand their surroundings – and life more generally. Her coaching is inspired by her art.

Kasturi speaks English, Hindi, Bengali, and Bhojpuri and is very pleased to work in any of these languages with her clients. As well as being actively involved in the artistic communities in both Canada and India, Kasturi is married and is the mother to two girls and one boy.

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Pourquoi Pas Coaching International helps individuals and organisations meet their challenges by discovering, inspiring and liberating human potential through change.Pourquoi Pas Coaching International s’engage à aider les individus et les organisations à relever leurs défis en découvrant, et libérant pleinement leur potentiel humain grâce au changement.

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‘Overcoming a leadership challenge — or any other life hurdle for that matter — in a rapidly changing and fluid environment can be daunting at best. At Pourquoi Pas we accompany clients on their journey.’‘Relever un défi de leadership ou surmonter un obstacle dans la vie – dans un environnement fluide et en évolution rapide peut s’avérer décourageant. Chez Pourquoi Pas, nous accompagnons nos clients tout au long de leur parcours.’

– Mimi Moore, Founder and Executive Coach– Mimi Moore, Présidente et coach exécutif


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Helping individuals and organisations meet their challenges by discovering, inspiring and liberating human potential through change.Nous aidons les individus et les organisations à relever leurs défis par le changement en découvrant, inspirant et libérant le potentiel humain.


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