Gina Lento

“It is easy to highlight a person’s best attributes when I truly believe that that goodness, capability, and value exist within them. Most people don’t recognize their own creativity and resourcefulness to achieve their goals when those attributes are cloaked in shadow by their own inner critic or masked by a society that has lost much of its civility. As a coach, I help reset my clients’ balance by reflecting back to them the assets they possess and leading them to unmask their own value from themselves.”

Gina is an executive coach and business adviser.  The wealth of knowledge and expertise she brings to her clients stem from being a former bench scientist turned serial COO for biotech startups. She has four university degrees from three countries in biochemistry, molecular biology, drug evaluation and pharmaceutical science. After nearly 20 years in founding and running startup businesses and a national industry association, Gina formalized her empirical knowledge with an MBA in Healthcare Administration.

As a dual citizen of the United States and New Zealand, Gina has lived and developed lasting bonds in both countries. Known as intensely curious and reputed for turning that curiosity into actionable reality or rescuing million-dollar projects from circling the drain, she has a diverse background with career chapters in academia, the private sector, and government service.

At the pinnacle of her NZ government career in national economic development, Gina served as New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as Consul General Designate to New York from 2005-2008.

Bringing all three chapters together, Gina created a summer school program at the University of Auckland to train together in teams a group of young scientists interested in business basics and seasoned business veterans looking to invest in the wonders of biology. The program’s success catapulted the Schools of Business and Biological Sciences at The University of Auckland to use it as the basis for a fully accredited 3-year Masters in Bio Enterprise degree program celebrating its 16th graduating class in 2021.

Gina knows the personal trauma and family impact of several of life’s challenges: infertility, mental illness, grief, divorce, and job loss. She also knows the triumphant joy of recovery, the enduring love of family and friends, and strength of community. She is trained in the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Friends and Family program and an ordained Presbyterian deacon.

Gina continually marvels at the wonder of being human and genuinely treasures collecting life stories from people she meets. Warm and witty, she embodies that enviable quality of being able to recognize, characterize and draw out the best in others.  Gina and her gorgeous Irish-Kiwi husband and their two amazing children split their time between Austin, Texas and Auckland, New Zealand.

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Gina challenges me to think in ways that would not have occurred to me. She guides me to realize my situation in different terms. She has a clever way of thinking and I appreciate seeing myself better through her eyes and kind words.

Dalma M., coaching client


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– Mimi Moore, Founder and Executive Coach


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Helping individuals and organisations meet their challenges by discovering, inspiring and liberating human potential through change.


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