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In love with personal-development, growth, and the human spirit in this continuously changing and increasingly complex world, Cuvel Tipu formalized his passion for coaching in 2023. Intrigued by the functioning of the human mind, he first learned how to ‘get a grip’ on his thoughts and learned how to better communicate with his own mind. From listening to various spiritual yogis and reading numerous human psychology books, he further crafted his art of self-communication and was able to have better relations with people he truly cared about. Above all, he was able to develop a better, more accepting relationship with himself.

Growing up in a high-pressure, high-stakes environment to make a small family-owned business run, Cuvel embraced the many challenges with courage, and self-educated himself on what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive market.

Cuvel has experienced firsthand the inherent challenges to owning and running a family business such as work life balance, attracting and retaining talent outside the family unit, succession planning and identifying the next generation of leaders within or without the family – and of course, conflict and the strain on family relations. Cuvel has many strengths – one of them being his ability to see and seize life lessons whether personal or professional – and to tackle challenges, obstacles and set backs with the same kind of focus, determination and intensity in all other areas of his life.

Through perseverance, personal and professional dedication, determination and laser-like focus, Cuvel transformed the family-owned business into a profitable one – free of debt, mortgage and other encumbrances. And in 2008, he started laying the foundation for financial freedom for himself and all future Tipu’s to come.

Most recently, he discovered the connection between the right amount of nutrition and the importance of exercise to help the mind vibrate at a higher level of consciousness. Instead of chasing, Cuvel has started attracting his life-long dreams. He accredits his mental fortitude and clarity, and strong work ethics to his parents because without their sacrifice and undying love, there would be no Cuvel.

Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, Cuvel obtained his Canadian citizenship in 2004. He has a passion for reading, human development, health and wellness; and he loves to travel around the world being perpetually curious to learn more about people and cultures. He currently lives, works and plays in Kington, Ontario where in addition to coaching Pourquoi Pas clients, he continues to play an active leadership role in his family’s business.

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Pourquoi Pas Coaching International helps individuals and organisations meet their challenges by discovering, inspiring and liberating human potential through change.Pourquoi Pas Coaching International s’engage à aider les individus et les organisations à relever leurs défis en découvrant, et libérant pleinement leur potentiel humain grâce au changement.

Pourquoi Pas works with you, using our creative discovery process and consulting framework, to help release your full leadership potential.Pourquoi Pas travaille en collaboration avec vous en utilisant une approche de découverte créative et un processus structuré de consultation, afin de vous aider à libérer pleinement votre potentiel de leadership.


‘We believe change is worth changing for.’‘Nous croyons que le changement sociétal nécessite le changement tant au niveau organisationnel qu’au niveau individuel.’
– Mimi Moore, Founder and Executive Coach– Mimi Moore, Présidente et coach exécutif


‘Overcoming a leadership challenge — or any other life hurdle for that matter — in a rapidly changing and fluid environment can be daunting at best. At Pourquoi Pas we accompany clients on their journey.’‘Relever un défi de leadership ou surmonter un obstacle dans la vie – dans un environnement fluide et en évolution rapide peut s’avérer décourageant. Chez Pourquoi Pas, nous accompagnons nos clients tout au long de leur parcours.’

– Mimi Moore, Founder and Executive Coach– Mimi Moore, Présidente et coach exécutif


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Helping individuals and organisations meet their challenges by discovering, inspiring and liberating human potential through change.Nous aidons les individus et les organisations à relever leurs défis par le changement en découvrant, inspirant et libérant le potentiel humain.


‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.’‘Laissez-vous être silencieusement attiré par la force étrange de ce que vous aimez vraiment. Elle ne vous perdra pas.’

– Rumi– Rumi


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